JULY 8, 2023

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Dear Friends,


We invite you to join us for a rejuvenating one-day retreat in the beautiful countryside of Meridian Farms, Oregon. We will spend the day exploring the healing power of nature, connecting with each other, and learning new skills for nourishing our bodies and souls.

Our day will be filled with an array of activities that celebrate the beauty and abundance of the land.

We will begin the day with a delicious brunch featuring locally sourced ingredients and herbal tea. After brunch, we will learn how to make herbal lip balm and first aid poultices using wild herbs.

We will then embark on a foraging adventure to discover the wild herbs and plants that grow in abundance in the countryside.

In the afternoon, we will flow through a Primal Vinyasa practice to connect with our bodies and breath. We will also dive into a conversation about women, entrepreneurship, and conscious business + learn about sustainable land practices.

As the sun begins to set, we will gather around the fire for a woman's fire ceremony, followed by a dance party under the stars.

We will end the day with a nourishing dinner of local meat and veggie stew, wild rice, and sourdough bread, all paired with local cheese and honey.

We hope you will join us for this special day of connection, learning, and nourishment. 



Annie, Founder of Primal Vinyasa

& Mary Claire, Land Steward + Sustainable Farmer of Meridian Farms


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Retreat will include

Hands-on experience making

Herbal lip balm
First aid poultice
Wild fresh herbal tea

Engaging In

Wild foraging
Primal Vinyasa
Women, entrepreneurship + conscious business dialogue
Sustainable land practices
Woman’s fire ceremony
Dance party


Overnight camping in the beautiful hazelnut orchard is available for


Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided as you pack up and prepare to leave.

Brunch Nourishment

Herbal Tea + Coffee

Gut healing porridge

Local bacon

Farm fresh eggs

Wild hazelnut butter

Raw milk

Fresh seasonal local fruit

Fermented sourdough bread

Herbal ghee + local honey

Herbal bone broth


Dinner Nourishment

Local meat and veggie stew

Wild rice

Wild greens

Sourdough bread

Herbal ghee + local honey

Local cheese

Wild hazelnuts

Herbal shortbread

Biological Willamette Valley Wine

*Gluten free and vegetarian options available by request.  

Retreat Price - $222

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*Available through July 1st, or until sold out if sooner

If you are a member of Primal Vinyasa, an active client of Annie, or are in the Primal Medicine Mastery Certification - please inquire about pricing with Annie directly.